terms & conditions.

  1. Payments will be billed through Stripe weekly.
  2. There is no set-up or cancellation fee.
  3. 30 days notice is required to cancel your membership, to be provided in writing to mkv@blochaus.com.au
  4. You may bring a friend for free each month.
  5. You get 10% off bloc shop purchases in haus.
  6. You can pause your membership for up to 4 weeks at no charge. A maximum of 4 weeks on pause is permitted within a 12 month period, this can be taken in increments of no less than two weeks at a time. You have the option of switching to a holding membership for additional or longer periods for $10 a month.
  7. It is your responsibility to:
    1. Ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in the nominated card account to meet each payment on the due date each week, and
    2. Advise immediately if the nominated debit or credit card is transferred or closed or your account details change.
  8. Should a payment be dishonored, your membership will be deactivated until the payment is rectified. If BlocHaus Marrickville has not received instructions to the contrary from you, up to two further attempts to draw the funds from your nominated card may be made.
  9. If three consecutive drawings are dishonored by your financial institution, your membership will be terminated. Payments for the 30 day notice period will be payable as per (3) above in addition to any current arrears.
  10. Memberships are not transferable to other persons.